Trying Out an ELF

WFAE Charlotte

May 17, 2016


Charlene Minor drives an ELF in her job as sustainability coordinator for the Town of Davidson.

ELF stands for Electric, Light and Fun — three words that describe the three-wheeled vehicles made by Organic Transit in Durham. These sleek, recumbent bicycles — the kind you sit down to ride – come with pedals, handlebars and hand-brakes, as on any bicycle.

But the ELF also has a lightweight shell with solar panels on top to charge a battery that gives you a little extra boost when you need it.

Discovery Channel Canada

takes a look at Organic Transit & the ELF

April 16, 2016


Discovery Canada takes a look into Organic Transit, home of the ELF. The ELF is a solar and pedal powered electric vehicle from Organic Transit. The most efficient vehicle on the planet!

Morning with an ELF

Fallen Leaf Films

October 25, 2015


So on a nice Sunday morning here in Sacramento we decided to take it easy and just ELF around a little bit! Because frankly- Why not?

A look at ELF, the solar-powered bicycle-car hybrid

CBS Evening News

March 8, 2015


It’s called the ELF, a solar-powered bike-car hybrid that’s turning up in cities across the country. The transportation that requires no insurance or gasoline. Vicente Arenas took a test drive and talks about how the bike-car hybrid works.

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Client Ride : From Montreal to Burlington, Vermont

Sustainable Joes

March 8, 2015


An amazing ride from Montreal to Burlington VT! One of our prettiest rides yet…

Organic Transit

Durham Chamber of Commerce

August 18, 2014


Meet the Elf. A solar powered, revolutionary (yes, revolutionary!) vehicle that is showing up on streets worldwide. Watch the founder’s story.

Funded | ELF: Environmental Go Karts

American Express

August 13, 2014


Meet the Elf. A solar powered, revolutionary (yes, revolutionary!) vehicle that is showing up on streets worldwide. Watch the founder’s story. OT ELF 1.5 Video Review

May 13, 2014


The Organic Transit ELF was launched on Kickstarter in 2013 as a solar powered electric recumbent trike. This review showcases their version 1.5 edition which has a few improvements including direct drive motor, larger battery, suspension, larger solar panel and improved steering. It’s built around a custom designed aluminum chassis that uses all 26″ wheels and now has suspension bumpers to smooth out the ride. The plastic body includes a windshield, roof (with built in 100 watt solar panel) and has options including a Nuvinci hub, wheel caps and upgraded tires. The bike goes 20mph top speed and has a recharge time of ~6 hours with the solar panel in optimal conditions. It has lights, turn signals and a horn built in for safety and use as a neighborhood electric vehicle. There are new options that the company is working on for multiple passengers, child seats and extra cargo space.

Bike To The Future with The ELF

Quest Science

April 8, 2014


There’s a new vehicle hitting the road that’s trying to bridge the gap between bicycles and cars. We’ve seen electric assist bicycles before. But never one like this. The ELF, from Organic Transit, is a recumbent tricycle, with a solar panel on top, and a trunk in the rear. It’s a single occupancy vehicle that marries the environmental benefits of a bike with the personal convenience of a car. Inventor Rob Cotter hopes his 150-pound invention entices people to reduce their dependence on single-occupancy vehicles.

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NC Now | Organic Transit ELFs


June 20, 2013


With gas prices soaring, car emissions straining the environment and people spending more time in traffic instead of the great outdoors, a Durham company has developed a solution. It’s called the ELF. Stephanie Bourland takes us to Organic Transit where they’re producing solar electric assisted bikes. These vehicles combine the ease of a car with the benefits of a bicycle.

I’d Bike to Work if Only…


May 29, 2013


Rob Cotter started with the most fundamental problem of cycling to work: How could the cyclist arrive at work minus the sweat and the smells? To solve that problem, Cotter created a vehicle that relies on solar power to get you to work in the morning and pedal power for the trip home.

Taking the ‘ELF’ for a Test Ride

Unique Wheels

April 15, 2013


Join Unique Wheels on this test drive of the ELF, a solar-powered tricycle.

Solar-powered Elf: Rides like a bike, drives like a dream


February 11, 2013


How would you like to get around on a bicycle, but have a little help when you get tired of pedaling and something that’s more visible than a traditional bike? Say hello to the Elf. It’s a three-wheeled pedaler that can go where a bicycle goes and has a solar-powered motor that kicks in when you need it.

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Introducing the Elf

Living on Earth

January 11, 2013


So, among your new year’s resolutions – maybe there’s one that has to do with getting more exercise – getting out on a bike perhaps. But the dangers of bike riding in the short dark days of winter and the problems of arriving disheveled can put you off. Well, today we report on a new invention that could be an answer for those problems, the Elf.

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Taking it to the Streets

Organic Transit

July 20, 2012


This video highlights the smooth braking and acceleration possible with the ELF on wet streets.