Parts Requests

Please upload pictures of the old part and/or relevant pictures of the old part on your ELF.
This will significantly speed up the parts request process!


To request a new part for your ELF, please fill out the form below.

Your email will be answered in the order in which it was received. You will receive an email containing the total price with shipping and handling costs included. You must respond to the email, approving the final price before an invoice is emailed to you. After payment has been made, the part will be shipped via UPS ground. If you need help determining which part you need, please review our Service Policies below.


Limited Warranty Coverage Service Policy

If you are experiencing a problem with your ELF, first visit the instructional links page by clicking here. This helpful page contains a list of written instructions and instructional videos that may be able to help you determine which part is needed. For customers who are covered under Organic Transit’s Limited Warranty, Organic Transit will work with the customer or their mechanic to help diagnose the problem and to determine which part or parts are needed. To proceed and/or to order a part, please fill out the form below.


Out of Warranty Coverage Service Policy

Customers who are no longer covered by Organic Transit’s Limited Warranty Coverage can determine which replacement parts are needed by accessing several helpful written instructions, tutorials, and videos on the Instructional Links page here. Information on this page is continuously being updated to help customers or their mechanics diagnose their own problems.


If a customer or their mechanic has looked at all the resources on the OT website, but would still like to have OT help diagnose their problem and/or determine which parts are needed, there will be a minimum one hour diagnostic fee of $91.38 ($85.00 plus tax). If additional time is needed to diagnose the problem after the one hour mark, then the customer will be charged in 15 minute increments.


If a customer with an ELF that is out of warranty makes a request for diagnostic help, an invoice will be created and emailed to the customer. The invoice must be paid before the diagnostic process begins. If the troubleshooting/diagnostic process takes more than one hour Organic Transit will contact the customer with an estimate of how much additional time may be needed.  At that time, no further diagnostic work will continue without approval from the customer and a paid invoice. To proceed and/or to order a part, please fill out the form below.

Parts Request Form. Read policy above before filling out form.

You can find your ELF number located on rectangular metal bar between pedals and seat, printed on the top or side of the bar.
You may upload multiple files by selecting multiple files when prompted. 2MB max per file.