Body Cracks

  1. Some cracks on the body of the ELF are the result of undue strain, perhaps due to an impact or collision.
    • A short video explaining how to repair cracks in the body of the ELF is currently in the works and is coming to the web soon!
  2. If the ELF has not been subjected to any significant impact, then check to see if any body bolts are missing, as missing body bolts will cause excessive stresses and strains to act on the body of the vehicle.
    • To repair the cracks on the body of your ELF, refer to the video at the link above when it becomes available (soon!). Once the cracks are repaired, it will become necessary to reinsert the missing bolts in order to prevent the body from cracking yet again. The required bolts are M6x1x25mm in size and are used in each of the body cups in conjunction with ¼” stainless steel washers with neoprene rubber backing for bonding and sealing. Place the washer against the surface of the body cup with the neoprene side facing the body, and insert the bolt through the washer and into the relevant hole in the body of the vehicle. Tighten the bolts until the rubber from the washer barely begins to expand.
  3. Finally, if the ELF has not been in a collision and there are no missing body bolts, then it is likely that the cracks are the result of over-tightening the bolts. In general, a body bolt should be tightened until the rubber washer underneath it barely begins to expand. Check to see if any washers are unduly expanded, especially around the cracks in the body.
    • If this is the case, then remove the over-tightened bolts. Next, repair the cracks in the body of the ELF following the instructions in the video soon to be linked to in step one. Finally, replace the original bolts and washers and re-tighten them according to the instructions given in step two.