Battery Not Charging at Wall Outlet

  1. If you find that the battery is not charging from the wall outlet, the battery charger may be the source of the problem. First, plug the battery charger into the wall outlet and connect the battery to the charger. If there are 2 LED’s on the charger, make sure that one is red and the other is green when the battery is not connected to the charger, that both are red when the battery is connected and charging, and that one is red and one is green when the battery is fully charged.  If there is 1 LED on the charger, the LED should be red when the battery is not connected, amber (yellow) when the battery is charging, and green when the battery is fully charged.  Also, whenever the battery is connected and charging, the charger’s fan should be on.
    • If the above charging schematic does not describe what you are experiencing with your charger, check the battery voltage with a voltmeter because if the battery is too full (53V or above) or too low (38V or below) then it won’t charge.  To check the voltage, locate the metal prong in each of the two channels on the black connector box extending from the wired portion the battery.  Place one of the voltmeters probes against each of the prongs until a voltage reading is determined.  If you do not own a voltmeter, you can purchase one online or can locate a nearby shop equipped to deal with electrical appliances and bring the battery to them for voltage measurements.
    • If the battery is within the proper range of voltages to charge and still will not charge, we will ask you to perform a series of tests on the battery charger.
  2. If the battery charger is determined to be fully functional, then the battery may be suspected of malfunctioning.  This may be the case if the 2 LED charger stays red and red or if the 1 LED charger stays amber for a long time past the usual charge time of 2.5 hours for an 11Ah battery, 3 hours, for a 15Ah battery, and 4 hours for a 16 Ah battery. If the battery seems fully charged but then exhibits an unusually short driving range.
    • In this case the battery can be replaced by purchasing a new one from Organic Transit. To receive a quote for a 16 Ah battery, take a picture of the connectors on the old battery and in the ELF,  fill out the Parts Request Form-, attach the picture(s) of the connectors and submit the form.