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Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


These JBL wireless Bluetooth speakers link to your phone, so you can listen to your favorite music while riding your ELF. The JBL Micro Wireless is the first ultra-portable speaker featuring a Li-ion (lithium ion) rechargeable battery, a built-in bass port and a wireless Bluetooth connection. With a 1-5/8-inch (40mm) driver and an acoustic volume of 100cc, it delivers legendary JBL sound with exceptional bass -all in a speaker that fits easily in backpacks or clips onto clothing. You can wirelessly stream audio to the speaker from any Bluetooth-equipped device, or use the included audio cable to connect it to any mobile device or MP3 player. You can even daisy-chain it with other JBL Micro Wireless speakers for a powerful sonic experience . Sold individually.


Note: The pricing for this upgrade accessory applies when added to new ELF purchases. Standalone purchase pricing may differ.