26″ Studded Winter Tires


These 26″ studded tires will replace the 26″ front tires and any of the rear tires. Perfect for use in icy and snowy climates. 160 carbide studs!


For a safer journey. You have full control on icy roads with the Suomi Nokian. Even in tight bends and under violent braking everything remains under control. The spikes work best on ice when running at minimum pressure, while at maximum pressure the tires can be ridden on ice-free roads with minimal road noise.


In order to ensure that spikes are permanently fixed, tires should be run in for about 25 miles (40km) on asphalt, while avoiding any fast acceleration or heavy braking.


26 x 1.9″ size. 946 grams. Sold individually


Note: The pricing for this upgrade accessory applies when added to new ELF purchases. Standalone purchase pricing is different – please go to our Parts Requests page to order additional/replacement tires.