Join THE Waiting List for the New ELF!

Get pumped!! We hope you’re as excited as we are!


At long last, a new and improved Organic Transit ELF is in the making! Over the next year or so, we will be redesigning the ELF, from roof to rims, while staying closely aligned with the original design concept. We want to add key modern features, such as suspension, hydraulic brakes, pedal assist, and more, while also retaining the ELF’s unique charm and utility.


Our core redesign principles for the new ELF are:

– Safety
– Reliability
– Accessibility
– All-Weather Performance
– Ease of Maintenance
– Striking Aesthetics
– Manufacturability
– Lowest Possible Embodied Carbon Footprint


Whether you’re a current ELF owner and looking to trade in your ELF for the new ELF model or you’re interested in buying your first ELF, complete this form to join the waiting list for the new Organic Transit ELF, and be one of the first to get yours as soon as it becomes available.


Completing this survey secures your spot on the waitlist. You will receive a confirmation email that reserves your place in line to get the new ELF; no further action is needed. You will be added to the Organic Transit mailing list. There are already hundreds of people on this list, and it is growing a bit faster than we anticipated. Be sure to submit this form at your earliest convenience to ensure you have the opportunity to own a new ELF sooner than later!